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July 2020
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This podcast also does whatever a spider can, though perhaps not as well as this movie.

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Well, that's a pleasant surprise. Mostly.

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Michael Fassbender and Ridley Scott are great? Well, that's a shocker.

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For those counting, it took about 40 seconds.

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Our first release-day episode! Thanks, Thursday night screenings!

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If Keanu Reeves and Common shooting at each other through a crowded Greenwich Village subway station doesn't do it for you, well, what are we even doing here?

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Stop listening to this ridiculous podcast and go watch the best movie of the year. Of a lot of years. A LOT of years.

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Insert... Star Wars joke... here? Is there something useful to even say in this space?

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<stunned silence>

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Benedict Cumberbatch does magic stuff. It's pretty neat. Also there's a bad guy, sort of, a little, because it's a Marvel movie.

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"Hey, I've got an idea. Let's make a neo-Western crime movie with Captain Kirk and the Dude." Someone had that thought, and that someone is a GODDAMNED GENIUS.

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Hey, kid! Do you love those Jason Bourne movies? Well have we got a surprise for you!

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Bryan Cranston is pretty good. You probably knew that already; just thought we'd repeat it for funsies.

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Who you gonna call? Kate McKinnon, that's who. For anything and everything.

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Oh wow is this movie awful. Not even an attempt at witty banter here. Its badness will knock your socks off.

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In which Poe Dameron and Macbeth fight... uh... I actually can't think of really anything else that James McAvoy is particularly famous for. Band of Brothers? Sure. Fassbender was in that too, you know!

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Hey kids, do you like Russell Crowe? Do you like Ryan Gosling? You don't? Then get the fuck out. There's no place for you here.

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Disney owns all these things now, right? You kind of wanted Luke Skywalker to show up and say "civil war? Is it a GALACTIC civil war? Meh. Not that impressive."

And then Cap says, "we have Robert Downey Junior."

Then the real war starts. Over Robert Downey Junior.

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Key and Peele, the world's cutest cat, and Method Man reprising his role from the Wire. We really don't know what the hell else you want.

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Hey kids! Do you hate fun? Then have we got the movie for you.

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In honor of our movie's subject, we're not even going to try to be talkative here.

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We break all the rules for Star Wars in a special extra-long show. Well, there's really only two rules, but we do break both of them.

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Let's see how delicately we can put this: holy shit this movie is amazing.

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Sorry, all I can think of is the James Bond Theme over and over again. Because this movie is so awesome.

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Anyone else think feel like before it was a Spielberg movie "Bridge of Spies" sounds like it would have been a hair-metal power ballad? "On a BRIIIIIIIIIIDGE... of SPIIIIII-EEEE-IIIIIIEEEEESS!"


Just me?

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It's like a riddle: if you make a ghost movie that doesn't really have anything to do with ghosts, will people hate it?

(Spoiler: god let's hope so.)

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Wait. You already did. That's the problem.

Carry on.

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Chicaaaaaago, Chicaaaaago, that toddlin' town...

What, sorry, I was singing old Sinatra songs to take my mind off this tire fire of a movie.

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New podcast contest: some sort of silly non-prize to the best person who can come up with a spelling for that noise that Ian McKellen makes. Also, hey, Sherlock Holmes is fun.

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Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to make a good Mission Impossible movie when your name isn't Brian DePalma or Brad Bird.


It is called Mission IMPOSSIBLE, mind.

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You know, at some point, there's only so many robots you can send back in time.

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You wouldn't think the word "offensive" would get thrown around so many times as regards a movie about dinosaurs. And yet, here we are.

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The return of Max Rockatansky brings the first true split decision to our fair podcast, and it's a 29-28/29-28/30-27 humdinger. Nobody in the movie wears seatbelts and neither did we, and those were mistakes.

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We finally get around to seeing Joss Whedon's little indie remake of Pinocchio. It goes pretty well, all things considered.

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It's about family.

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Jupiter Ascending is what you get when you take really bad acid, and then fall down a flight of stairs, and then make a movie.

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It turns out that ignorance does in fact have some unexpected virtues, one of which is deciphering Alejandro Innaritu's Birdman. We mean deciphering in the fun way. That's a thing, right?

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Spoiler: Bradley Cooper and Clint Eastwood are really, really, really good. (This, admittedly, is not much of a spoiler.)

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It turns out that we do not, in fact, know when to fold them. Which is why we saw the deeply-flawed remake of The Gambler starring Mark Wahlberg. And why we make that joke. Yeah, we know. We apologize.

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We return from our hiatus with our first discussion of a holiday prestige release: Foxcatcher. Why Foxcatcher? Because even though we both love history, we often ignore it.

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After one abortive attempt we finally managed to see Interstellar in its entirety and can confirm that it is, in fact, a movie. Anything beyond that is probably speculation.

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Jake Gyllenhaal does what he does best - be really weird and really good. Thankfully he does them at the same time in Nightcrawler, Dan "Not Tony" Gilroy's ode to Los Angeles. 

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Dracula recast as a tragic hero. Sure, that can be a thing, why the hell not? Dracula Untold both asks and answers that question.

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David Fincher brings what we'll diplomatically call his unique perspective to the film adaptaion of Gillian Flynn's bestseller. Also we record a podcast before we settle on a title for it. Spoilers ho! (Also adult language.)

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